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Enterprises have willingly and unwillingly started seeing an increase in tablets at work. CIOs are adjusting their strategies and infrastructures to either support enterprise-issued tablets or “Bring your own device” policies.


No matter which policy prevails in the enterprise, this major shift is shaping infrastructure decisions as well as digital strategies.

This infographic provides a brief overview of what has happened so far and some trends that will be seen in the enterprise tablet industry in the coming years.

Corporations are facing a challenge to change. In the midst of external pressure to follow the trend and internal demand to integrate tablets into the enterprise’s ecosystem, there will be a shift in the enterprise tablet market.

Some of the trends for the next years in the tablet industry for enterprises:

• Enterprise tablet adoption is estimated to grow by almost 50% per year.

• By 2015 mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1.

• The iOS and Android platforms will be adapted to meet enterprise requirements and Windows 8 Tablets will hit the market.

• Corporations will be challenged between choosing “Bring Your Own Device” or corporate-liable devices due to security and cost reasons.

• The introduction of Quadcore to tablets, 4G, Cloud Computing and the continuous adoption of HTML5 will make the tablet even more integrated into the work environment

• Innovations for tablets to make the laptop obsolete will persist

As a digital agency that collaborates with F500s, we see the integration of enterprise tablets to be a natural and necessary evolution of mobile infrastructures and the overall digital strategy.





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